Carrier HVAC LogoIf you’re struggling along with no air conditioning or an outdated unit, it’s time to experience a new level of comfort.  Modern cooling systems exceed your highest expectations for temperature control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation.  When you contact Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll carefully evaluate your home and household needs before matching them to the ideal cooling solution.  Through quick and accurate installation, we make sure you’re kept completely comfortable year after year.

Carrier ACWhen it’s time to replace an older cooling system, let the professionals from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning provide you with an accurate recommendation.  Your equipment may be at least ten years old, and over the past decade, your home has probably undergone some changes.  Energy efficiency measures you’ve taken, including insulation and new windows, impact the overall load requirement, and may allow for a smaller cooling system.  An oversized air conditioner not only carries a higher price tag, it will fail to achieve the even temperatures, dehumidification, and energy efficiency you’re hoping for.  When our licensed technicians properly size equipment for your needs, you’ll benefit from more reliable, longer-lasting, and cost-saving results.

Our team is NATE-certified, having successfully completed rigorous testing designed to recognize practical knowledge and industry excellence.  Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning maintains an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, evidencing our commitment to overall quality service.

Installing Award-Winning HVAC Equipment

To get the highest value and enjoyment from your investment into home comfort, nothing beats Carrier.  With a wide range of options included in the Infinity, Performance, and Comfort Series, you’re going to find the perfect solution.  The Carrier Infinity Series is a Consumers Digest Best Buy Winner, delivers up to 21 SEER, and is ENERGY STAR qualified in all sizes.  An innovative two-stage compressor allows the system to operate mainly in low-stage for quieter comfort and superior dehumidification.  When you partner any model in the Infinity line with Infinity control, you decide your indoor temperature, humidity, air quality, fan speed, ventilation, and more.  With zoning capability, Infinity control remembers each family member’s preferences, and allows customization of up to eight zones.  Infinity control also knows to conserve energy when you’re out of the house, and provides perfect temperatures for your return home.  Throughout the day, the Infinity system adapts to changing outdoor and indoor climate, always maintaining optimum efficiency.  It will even alert you of the need for filter changes and maintenance requirements, and track energy use.  And with WiFi compatibility, you can access these features from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Professional A/C installation to keep you cool & comfortable in Broomfield, Erie, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Lafayette & Arvada, CO

Air conditioning improves the usability, health, and enjoyment of your home.  While the priority may be refreshingly cool rooms for superior relaxation, sleeping, and family time, your new system also reduces humidity and provides filtration.  Through ground-breaking technology, meticulous design, and expert installation, the professionals from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning will facilitate a smooth and efficient project from start to finish.  We provide helpful recommendations, accurate workmanship, a tidy job site, and a complete tutorial to make sure your are comfortable with the management and features of your new system.  It’s time to experience a better quality of life.  Call Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning and speak to a live representative of our team.