Carrier ACTrouble-free and efficient performance from your air conditioner requires only a minimal amount of routine maintenance.  When you leave the upkeep of your cooling system in the capable hands of the team from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll handle the tasks that promote uninterrupted, low-cost, and superior operation.  We keep it quick, simple, and convenient for you to enjoy complete confidence in long-lasting, reliable home comfort.  We’ve been handling the HVAC needs of home and business owners in Broomfield and across Broomfield, Erie, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Lafayette & Arvada, CO since 1991, and we know exactly what it takes to ensure satisfying temperature control.

A certified team of professionals

While seasonal maintenance is absolutely essential to the smooth operation of your air conditioner, you need a contractor you can trust to do the job right. We are entirely NATE-certified, having completed specialty and core exams designed to recognize excellence and industry comprehension.  Our commitment to superior customer care is evidenced in our A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

For your air conditioner to work, refrigerant circulates between the outside condenser coils and inside evaporator coils.  The refrigerant absorbs heat from rooms of the home, then travels outside to the compressor.  Heated refrigerant leaves the compressor and enters the condenser, where the refrigerant heat is removed.  The cold refrigerant then travels back to the evaporator coils.  The blower forces air through the cooled coils into the home via the ductwork.  As heat leaves the air, a great deal of moisture results.  The condensate is eventually removed by the pump, which sends it to a drain.  Any defects, dirt, or disruption with this process results in unpleasant and costly consequences.  There is the potential for property damage, higher energy consumption, repair needs, degraded air quality, reduced comfort, and shortened service life.

Keeping your home or business comfortable!

Through conscientious troubleshooting, the licensed specialists from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning will pinpoint any areas of concern and make the necessary corrections.  Seasonal service allows time for replacement parts to be ordered and installed, without requiring inconvenient and uncomfortable downtime during the summer months.  Complete system cleaning prevents dust and grime buildup from restricting airflow, hindering cooling capacity, and stressing components.  Dirty equipment must work much harder to achieve desired temperatures, resulting in needlessly high energy bills and more frequent repairs.  There’s also the risk of mold and mildew growth within the system, and the spread of bacteria throughout the home.  Let us help keep your home clean, cool, and healthy.

Protect your investment! Choose reliable A/C service from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning

Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning lets you enjoy dependable comfort without worry. Our goal is to provide superior results for your investment.  When you trust the management of your cooling system to Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we answer with cost-effective, reliable, and perfect comfort no matter how high the thermometer climbs.