$77 DIAGNOSTIC FEE(waived on a paid repair)

It’s frustrating to turn to your furnace for comfort and get nothing.  A number of problems can lead to heating malfunctions, from minor repair requirements to complicated mechanical issues, or even replacement.  Whether the difficulties with your heating system are simple or complex, the experienced team from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning will provide swift and rewarding results.  We have the hands-on experience, equipment knowledge, and extensive training to quickly diagnose the system, make helpful recommendations, and perform accurate repairs.  Know that when you trust the care of your heating system to Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we deliver long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

Efficient Furnace Repair Solutions

When you notice strange sounds, unpleasant smells, longer run times, or decreased capacity, it’s wise to seek professional service.  The majority of furnace malfunctions are the result of dirt buildup, and if handled immediately, can be easily corrected.  A dirty furnace will burn higher amounts of both electric and gas fuel, provide inferior comfort, and possibly pollute breathing air.  The three basic parts of the furnace that are impacted by neglected maintenance are the filter system, the blower, and the motor.  If problems with these components are handled quickly, more costly repairs are prevented and system life can be extended.  When you turn your system over to the specialists from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ll make sure it provides consistent warmth and operates more efficiently.

Your heating system is probably one of the most expensive systems in your home.  While HVAC equipment is generally very reliable, even well-maintained units suffer wear and tear from time to time.  The key to your comfort, cost-savings, safety, and long-term satisfaction is trusting the service of your heater to competent professionals.  At Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve been called countless times to correct the faulty repairs or improper installation of inexperienced and inept contractors.  After nearly twenty-five years in business, Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning has fixed everything and anything that handles temperature control, and you know we’ll still be around, years down the road.  We’re the problem solvers you can trust to get the job done right.

The team from Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning not only has the experience to handle every aspect of your comfort needs, we have the resources, sophisticated tools, and advanced training as well.  Our technicians are NATE-certified, having passed industry-recognized exams designed to recognize qualified professionals in the field.

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When you contact Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning, you always speak to a live and knowledgeable representative of our team, who will immediately focus on the resolution of your problem.  Have complete confidence that we serve your needs with the utmost integrity, eliminating the concern for inflated pricing with a flat rate, based on the industry average, for most repairs. We handle repairs for all sizes, makes, and models, striving to complete the majority of projects in one service call, and are available to you whenever you need us.  Contact us at 303-872-9099 for repairs that stand up to time and use, and we’ll answer with prompt and courteous service.  For heating repair in Broomfield and across Broomfield, Erie, Superior, Thornton, Westminster, Lafayette & Arvada, CO, contact the professionals at Great Peaks Heating and Air Conditioning.